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Motion Graphics.

All content was filmed and edited by John Spencer.
All Motion Graphics were created for projects/clients.

Scroll down to see my resume plus more examples of my work in videography, motion graphics, and editing.

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Videography. Editing.

The videos below highlight my skills in videography and editing. I was responsible for the majority of the concepts, capturing, and editing of the video for internal and external clients. Using a variety of cameras, lighting setups, animation techniques, and other creative tools to achieve the look and feel for each client.

Creating the Music — I filmed all the footage in this video.
Hess Realty Teaser — I filmed, produced, and edited this video.
Behind the Story — I filmed, produced, and edited all of this video.

Rutter’s Dairy Tour — I wrote the script, filmed,
produced, edited, created all motion graphics in this video.

HIGH Orientation Video — Produced and edited this video for a corporate client.

Winning in the Market — Produced, edited, and created graphics for this video.

Filming the Show — Edited this project for Sight & Sound Theatres.


Brave the Dark.

As the head writer of the feature film script, the project was sold in 2017 and went into production in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in 2021. The Film stars Emmy Nominated Actor, Jared Harris (Chernobyl, The Crown, Mad Men) and  Nicholas Hamilton (IT, IT: Chapter Two). 

Click on the image below to go to the official film page for the production of Brave the Dark.


Frayed is a short film I wrote, directed, and edited in 2017. While this was a nearly no-budget production, I worked with a professional team to produce a high-quality film. In this true story of a woman’s struggle to regain the daughter she abandoned years earlier, she must overcome obstacles that set her back from getting what she truly wants.

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